What is arif FRANce

ARIF France is a non-profit organization aiming to create a tarbiah environment, developed individuals with negarawan characteristics , and a rahmah country.


  • Tarbiah management and role models who are righteous, effective and holistic.
  • Members and IMAN leadership that are rabbani, peace-loving and competent.
  • Vast membership support.
  • IKRAM as a chosen medium.

ARIF'S mission

Managing and building young IKRAM members along with the Malaysian community, especially Malaysian students in France, who are Rabbani, Peace-loving and competent through the process of management and character development that are righteous and holistic in order to generate a vast membership support by promoting IKRAM as the chosen medium towards the contribution of dakwah progress in accordance with the strategic needs of IKRAM and Rahmah country.